American Musicological Society Southwest Chapter Conference Proceedings

Volume 3, Spring 2014


Papers Read:

“Susana Baca and the Feminine Voice of Nueva Canción”

Erin Miller Bartosch (California State University, Long Beach)

“Musical Symbol and Reified Sound: The Body-Semiosis of a Life-Teen Catholic Mass”

Eric Evans (University of North Texas)

“Mariachi Music Education in Diverse Teaching and Learning Contexts”

Leticia Isabel Soto Flores (University of California, Los Angeles)

“Franz Liszt’s Francesca da Rimini: The Quintessential Emancipated Woman”

Lori A. Gerard (The University of Texas at Dallas)

“A Dance of Pachucos and Prostitutas: Class Representations and Folklorization in Costa Rican Swing Criollo”

Brian Griffith (The University of Texas at Austin)

“Rhythms and Recitations: Vedic Origins of Indian Classical Music in Nationalist Discourse and Modern-day Practice”

Myranda Harris (The University of Texas, Austin)

“Exploring the Value of Bimusicality: A Journey into South Indian (Carnatic) Vocal Percussion”

Katharine Hoogerheide (Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics)

“Noize MC: Mediatized Political Protest”

Anna Kalashnikova (Texas A&M University)

“A Musical Minefield: Composing the Turkish Nation-State”

Erol Koymen (The University of Texas at Austin)

“Yahweh and Jah: Religious and Stylistic Convergence in the Music of Matisyahu”

Adam La Spata (University of North Texas)

“Women’s Cloth Dance: An Exploration of Powwow Music within the Tribal Community”

Delphine Piguet (University of Oklahoma)

“The Mariachi Tradition in Nochistlán, Zacatecas”

José R. Torres-Ramos (University of North Texas)

“The Houston Chinese Traditional Music Group: Negotiating Decades of Change in America”

Yuxin Mei (University of North Texas)

Poster Session Abstracts:

“Rediscovering Pavel Haas (1899-1944) and his Four Songs on Chinese Poetry (1944)”

Kimberly Ann Burton (Texas State University)

“Music and Context of Kazumi Totaka’s Song and its Variations”

Andrew Fisher (Texas State University)

“‘Slightly Overlooked Professionally’: Popular Music in Bridget Jones’s Diary”

Elizabeth Kirkendoll (Texas Christian University)

“A Defense of Augenmusik’s Cultural Significance in the Fourteenth and Sixteenth Centuries”

Alexandra Krawetz (Rice University)

“Go big or go home: Eighteenth-century real-time composition”

Kim Pineda (University of Oregon)

“Discovering Avet Terterian: Armenian Folk Instruments and Their Role in Forming Temporality in His Third Symphony”

Elena Reece (Sam Houston State University)

“Compositional Devices and Techniques of 8-bit Video Game”

Robert Sanchez (Texas State University)

“African-American Composer Jacob J. Sawyer: Research Methodology, Biography, and Analytical Approach”

Wade Smith and Nico Schüler (Southwestern University and Texas State University)

“Dmitry Kabalevsky and Sonata Form: A Theoretical and Analytical Investigation of Sonatina No. 1, Op. 13, Mvt. 3”

D. Charles Wolf (Texas State University)