American Musicological Society Southwest Chapter Conference Proceedings

Volume 4, Fall 2015 Issue


Papers Read:

“Fortepiano Music around the Congress of Vienna”

(Mario Aschauer, Sam Houston State University)

“Encultured Musical Codes in Bear McCreary’s Video Game and TV Soundtracks”

(Joseph E. Jones, Texas A&M University-Kingsville)

“Rethinking Sonata Form in Beethoven’s Lyricism”

(Peng Liu, The University of Texas at Austin)

“100% Chamula!!: Transgressive Identities and Musical Transculturalism in the Mexican South Border”

(Marusia Pola Mayorga, Texas Tech University and Anny Zuñiga Santiago, Independent Artist)

“Chiquinha Gonzaga: Musician and Activist in the Brazilian Society at the 20th- Century Turn”

(Miranda Bartira Sousa, University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley)

Poster Sessions Abstracts:

“Hans Gál (1890-1987) and Egon Wellesz (1885-1974): Composers, Scholars, and Exiles”

(Layla Butler, University of Central Arkansas)

“Music as Speech: How Video Game Musical Motifs Drive the Story”

(Carrie Evans, Texas Tech University)
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“Instrument of Evil: Pipe Organ in Musical Themes of Video Game Antagonists”

(Brent Alan Ferguson, Independent Scholar)

“Unraveling the Threads of Madness: Henry Russell’s ‘The Maniac’”

(TJ Laws-Nicola, Texas State University)

“Rediscovering the Minstrel Music of African-American Composer Jacob J. Sawyer (1856-1885)”

(Nico Schüler, Texas State University)